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Made in Enschede.

Cat Shelter: SimKitty

Made for the Global Game Jam 12,017, under the theme of "Waves", Cat Shelter: SimKitty takes the conceptual idea of what waves are (a slowly increasing idea, building and breaking to a conclusion, before ebbing and flowing into the next) and ran with it.

In Cat Shelter: SimKitty you inherit the family pet store from your grandfather, who has passed away while leaving the store in massive debt. It's your goal to take care of the cats left in the store, raising them well so that when Week 8 (Adoption Week) roles around your cats can be sold off to loving, new owners.

One of the kittens however will be used to start a new generation of kittens in the store and, depending on how well your kittens were treated, it will go on to pass better traits down to it's offspring.

As each generation of kittens are born with better (or, if you've left them starving and alone: worse) permanent statistics, they can be sold off as better and better breeds for higher and higher prices managing - hopefully - to earn you the money to pay off the debt hanging over your head.

.  .  .



Along with finding a major bug, I've pulled the .exes temporarily. They will be available again shorty, along with a patch and some auditory and effect updates. Due to this team no longer being in contact, unfortunate animation bugs still persist. 

My apologies for the inconvenience. 

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