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Nuclear Rangers

Nuclear Rangers is a two-player, space-faring, soccer-analogue. Rangers can pilot a variety of ships through an arena:  firing out detonatable nukes, whose shockwave they can use to send a ball flying into their opponent's goals.

While each Ranger comes with their own set of pros and cons, Rangers also have access to pick-ups which might give them and edge (or a surprise) against their opponents.

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Play as one of our six Rangers:  Thrush,  Ocis,  Hith,  Bulletflow,  Talonoe and Nox while piloting any one of the six different ships on offer: The Attaïra,  Raumfalke,  Rekkin, Carcará,  El Tridente and Skyspear — each named in one of the six unique languages this team spoke.

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An update majorly reducing this game's file size is on its way shortly.

NOTICE: Window Scaling:

To fix any potential Windows scaling issues, navigate to NuclearRangers/Release/GXPEngine.exe and right click on the application. "Access Properties > Compatibility > Change high DPI settings" and make sure High DPI Scaling override is selected and the application is chosen as the performer of this action.


Nuclear Rangers.zip 651 MB

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